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Electric Frost Berry
Electric Frost Berry
Electric Frost Berry
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Zap your senses and supercharge your gameplay experience with a delicious blend of juicy berries and tangy citrus. Twitch star IFrostBolt helped us envision this bold mix of fresh berries, finished with a bracing jolt of citrus to round out the flavor. Feel your arm hairs raising yet? With nootropics, vitamins and clean energy, Electric Frost Berry FOCUS ensures peak performance — without any range anxiety. Plug in and power up!

“Frabo APPROVED ✅” - IFrostBolt


FOCUS was designed to be the perfect supplement for anyone looking to turbocharge their performance. With clinically studied ingredients that provide hours of energy and focus with no crash, it’s a more effective, healthier and better-tasting alternative to sugary energy drinks.

You need to consider three main aspects when choosing a supplement to optimize higher-level thinking: mental acuity, overall energy, and the stamina to maintain clear focus over time. It also shouldn’t have any net negative effects, so you can take it consistently. On top of that, it should also taste amazing.

That’s where we landed with FOCUS. Each scoop is fortified with clinically studied cognitive enhancers dosed at optimal amounts, and it’s used and endorsed by elite pro gamers. In formulating this product, we wanted it to be based on facts, not fairytales.

FOCUS keeps you on top of your game with a patented, non-stimulant ingredient that’s proven to boost cognitive performance: nooLVL™.


  • Enhance focus, reaction time and endurance
  • Natural energy from green tea
  • No unnecessary fillers
  • No jitters, no crash
  • No chalky aftertaste
  • Totally open-label
  • Zero sugar